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Acuspire is your dream recruiting system. We source high-quality, passive candidates for your jobs at a flat low-cost monthly rate. The more you work with us, the better we become at finding candidates that you really want.

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* You may post jobs to test the market availability for your roles, however contacting candidates is restricted in the free plan.

** If you are unsatisfied with your monthly subscription plan, we will refund you for the most recent month of your service.

*** Maximum number of qualified candidates may vary with market demand, specialization and size of talent pool.

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"Stephen proactively reached out to me when I was looking for a new position. Not only did he understand what my field of expertise was (user experience design), he matched me with an established company that was looking to build UX practice into their business process. Where so many other recruiters for web and technology jobs don't even seem to read your CV, Stephen takes the time to personally understand your work history and put everything into context. I highly recommend Stephen and Acuspire - they get results."


A.J. Kandy

Lead User Experience Designer, Hitachi ID

The founders


Stephen Wensley

CEO, Director

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Greg Genge, MBA


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Jason Brown CPA


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