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About Acuspire.

Our mission is "a future without job search™". The qualified person is out there. Using advanced technology, we have the power to speed up the connections between employers and jobseekers. There is no longer a need to search extensively; simply request an interview!

Top 20 Award - Startup Calgary (2017)


Top 20 Award - Startup Grind Global Conference - Silicon Valley (2018)


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"Acuspire proactively reached out to me when I was looking for a new position. Not only did they understand what my field of expertise was (user experience design), they matched me with an established company that was looking to build UX practice into their business process. Where so many other recruiters for web and technology jobs don't even seem to read your CV, Acuspire understands your work history and puts everything into context. I highly recommend Acuspire - they get results."


A.J. Kandy

Lead User Experience Designer, Hitachi ID

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Stephen Wensley

CEO, Director

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Greg Genge, MBA


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Jason Brown CPA


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